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Ming and Qing portraits at China Underground


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Wang Anguo 王安國 (T. 書城 H. 春圃) June 24, 1694-1757, Feb. 25, official and scholar, was a native of Gaoyou, Jiangsu. For many generations his forefathers were scholars and teachers. After obtaining his jinshi degree with high honors in 1724 he was appointed a compiler in the Hanlin Academy...


The new ECCP READER (10.1) for Mac OS has been built and is posted for distribution (certified by Apple). This new build is compatible with OS 11.x ("Big Sur") as well as previous Mac OS back to 10.2. It points to the integrated site, of which ECCP for the WEB is now a division.

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ECCP READER for Windows is now posted for download. This version of the software is not codesigned, which only means that you may have to manually give it permission to open. A codesigned version of the same software will be posted when the documentation is completed with Microsoft. This version is built for Windows 10. If you are using an earlier version of Windows, continue to use the earlier version of ECCP READER.

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Society for Qing Studies
The Committee of Promotion of Ming-Qing Studies, Academia Sinica
Qing Studies (H-NEAsia)
Manchu Studies Group


Ming Qing Studies
Ming Qing Yanjiu
Saksaha: A Journal of Manchu Studies

research collections and databases

Lee-Campbell Research Group, University of Hongkong 李中清及康文林的研究团队: China Government Employee Database – Qing (CGED-Q) 中国历史官员量化数据库(清代)

reference tools and collections

Harvard University: History 1952: Chinese Qing Empire's Mapping of the Northwestern Border
Qing Maps
Library of Congress: Qing Maps 1851, 1893
World Digital Library: Complete Geographical Map of the Great Qing Dynasty (1767)
World Digital Library: Geographical Map of the Qing Empire (c.1822)

Manchu language

The Manchu language: Environmental Studies

Manchu dictionary
English-Manchu online dictionary

online notes

Pamela Crossley

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